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We came up with the name Laugh Your Class Off because of all the pressure that people who work in education are under to have students compete in a global society. Our society has become so focused on educational things (state-mandated test, common core, quality education, & global education position) that we have forgotten how to laugh.  The stress of curriculum-mandates along with salary/budget cuts have caused a high number of qualified dedicated professionals to leave this wonderful profession. 

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Laugh Your Class Off is made up of educators, comics & entertainers. We offer a variety of events from comedy shows, hosting, and anti-bullying programs. Our events are great for fundraisers, church functions, school events, award ceremonies and leadership training  Book Laugh Your Class Off for your next event today! 


India's World helps teachers and educators teach subjects like English, Math, & Social Studies in the classroom. This fun cartoon is a great way to engage students in learning.  To learn more, visit our page for India's World.  

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