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He is an Educator, Comedian, Radio Personality, & Speaker who uses his many talents to empower and inspire people to find the humor and greatness that is within. He is the  2019 recipient of the PBIS Film of the Year from the Association for Positive Behavior Support for his outstanding anti-bully video.  He is also the 2015 recipient of the Celebrity Educators Award from Celebrity Educators, Inc. for his work within the field of education and with educators. He believes in using laughter in every phase of his life. In many circles, he is known as the educator-comic, due to his passions for comedy and education. As an educator, he uses the power of laughter in the classroom to engage and empower students to achieve their dreams and goals. He believes that laughter affords people the opportunity to see challenging situations in a new and different perceptive. 

He is a regular host at the world Famous Uptown Comedy Corner, where he hosts a monthly comedy show for educators. 

He is the founder/president of Laugh Your Class Off, LLC, an educational-entertainment company that caters to educators, students, and the community. They are responsible for the anti-bully program called #2Cool2Bully, comedy shows and workshops for educators. Their motto is Building Better Communities with Laughter. We also are responsible for the Anti-bully song for Clayton County Public Schools (the 2019 PBIS Film of the Year)  (



He holds Bachelors in Psychology and a Masters in Education. He is a 4th generation educator and has held various titles and positions (mentor, coach, educator, & parent).  All of these titles (and many more) allow him to speak to everyone. He is truly a “Jack of all Trades”!

He has provided comedic relief at various comedy clubs, churches, family reunions, and educational facilities. He has also performed with some of the industry’s leading comedians. Don’t miss the opportunity to see this fun, energetic, insightful,  and insanely funny comic. 

I have been blessed with a wonderful opportunity to blend my love for comedy and education to inspire people to see greatness within themselves.


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